Save the Pollinators

What can you do at home to help support healthy pollinator populations? Here are a few basic suggestions for creating pollinator-friendly gardens:

Provide food

Provide homes

Provide shelter


4 responses to “Save the Pollinators

  1. This is very helpful. Are wood nesting bees everywhere in the U.S. ?

  2. I used to be scared when I see wood with holes in them (sure sign of bees in there) but now I can be more relaxed since these bees are usually not aggressive and less likely to sting, as you mentioned. I’m still wary though: what signs should I watch out to ensure that these bees are not the “stinging” kind?

    • Linn-
      All female bees can sting, but most solitary bees (such as the carpenter bees that drill holes in dead wood) are not as likely to sting as honey bees or wasps. To avoid being stung by a solitary bee, don’t grab or squish the bee, and keep a respectful distance from the nest (don’t go poking it with a stick, for example). Thanks for reading and asking thoughtful questions!

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