Meet the Pollinators: Pollinator Syndromes

One thing I love about walking around a garden is guessing what kind of animal each type of plant relies on for pollination. This is because plants that rely on certain types of animal pollinators are often adapted to be particularly attractive to that type of animal, a phenomenon known as “pollinator syndromes.” The following slides are from a poster I made showcasing pollinator syndromes. Once you read these, you can be an expert, too!








Meet the Pollinators


2 responses to “Meet the Pollinators: Pollinator Syndromes

  1. Oh how interesting! Imagine, even bats that we associate with the unpleasant and the scary are actually pollinators. Where I come from, bananas, mangoes and guavas are in abundance. I never thought I’d be thankful to the bats – now that I know this info, I’d be less cared of them. Thank for the post and oh, nice poster, too!

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