The Music of the Bees

Pollination Wunder Station (short) – audio bee booth from Resonating Bodies on Vimeo.

Sarah Peebles, a Toronto-based composer and artist, has constructed a wonderful “Pollination Wonder Station.” The above video excerpt from the installation shows beautiful footage (and audio) of a Megachilid stem nesting bee creating her nest. Stem nesting solitary bees build their nests in hollow stems, so they are attracted to holes drilled in the block of wood of the “Wunder Station.” I must say I love everything about this and you should certainly check it out.

For more information about Sarah Peebles and her Pollination Wunder Station, as well as some beautiful photos, check it out at the Resonating Bodies blog.

“This is a wunderkammer (‘cabinet of curiosities’), full of curious living things. This is not a beehive. It has no honey bees, no honey, no colonies, no beeswax or honeycombs. Like a condo, it has individual apartments for the many varieties of solitary bees and wasps native to Ontario. Aesthetically compelling, immersive and informative, Audio Bee Booths intersect habitat interpretation, biology, sound-installation and sculpture.”


7 responses to “The Music of the Bees

  1. I like how in that video it looked like there was a nest intruder caught on tape. Unless you can think of a reason why there would be two bees in a nest at the same time?

    • I noticed that too. I know that in dense ground nesting bee aggregations, occasionally a bee will get confused and accidentally enter another bee’s nest. Since the holes in the nesting box were drilled so close together, I assumed that maybe a similar situation was occurring with the stem nesters as with the round nesters.

    • Sorry, I meant “ground” not “round” 🙂

  2. Amazingly cool! It is fascinating how the world’s little creatures have a pattern to their own lives and we, mere human beings, are lucky (and thankful to prople like Sarah and you) to be able to learn a bit about this.

  3. Awesome! You’re making me love bees, instead of just liking them. 🙂

  4. Bees are quite lovely…

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