Diadasia My Dear


(c) 2012 MRS

A small aside, I just wanted to mention that I have finally updated my header photo. Instead of showing an admittedly photogenic Halictus tripartitus, truer to form this bee is a titular Diadasia species. This particular bee is Diadasia enavata just finishing a visit to a native sunflower (Helianthus bolanderi), which is fitting since Diadasia enavata are sunflower specialists, meaning they only visit sunflowers for food.


2 responses to “Diadasia My Dear

  1. What happens if there are no sunflowers? No food? That would be too sad!

    • This is actually a potential problem with large scale farming. What might have been a huge sunflower field one year could be a completely different crop the next, which can result in sunflower bees emerging nowhere near a sunflower field (because “Mom” didn’t understand the concept of crop rotation; how could she?). Luckily most sunflower specialist bees are robust fliers and can travel pretty lengthy distances in search of their favorite food.

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