Small Bees, Huge Bees, Green Bees, Blue Bees (Part I)

Well, it’s been a busy summer, but some kind words of encouragement convinced me to start posting to my bee blog again. I think, to get warmed up, I’ll just post some photos I took over the summer that encompass some of the many sizes and colors different bees come in.

Although many bees are yellow and black striped, some come in beautiful hues. Take this bee I saw in Tahoe National Forest this August:


Green Bee on Wyethia angustifolia (c) MRS 2012

I don’t know what species of bee this is since I didn’t collect it to key it out, but it was a beautiful green metallic color with pink undertones.

The most common green bee that I encounter here on the West Coast is Agapostemon texanus, the green metallic sweat bee. The females are entirely green, while the males have a black and yellow striped abdomen. Here’s a beautiful photo of a male Agapostemon texanus from



Agapostemon texanus, from Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA.




4 responses to “Small Bees, Huge Bees, Green Bees, Blue Bees (Part I)

  1. Glad you’re back, and I look forward to more colorful bees. 🙂

  2. I had no idea there were green bees!!!

    • Bees come in all kinds of colors including pink, green, red, and blue. But I have a special soft spot for the green ones. Thanks for reading and commenting; feedback on what people have learned is valuable to me as an educator!

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