Answer to Last Week’s Quiz

Thanks everyone who participated in my “is it a bumble bee” quiz last week! For those of you who are interested, I do think this is a bumble bee. Here’s my logic:

(1) Overall appearance: it appears to be a large, fuzzy-bodied bee, which makes it either a carpenter bee or a bumble bee.

(2) The Wings: As I mentioned (although perhaps confusingly) in my last post, bumble bees fold their wings one over the other, whereas carpenter bees keep them to the side. This bee has its wings folded over the back.

(3) The legs: This isn’t the greatest picture, but it appears that part of the hind leg is shiny (meaning smooth, not hairy) and widened compared to the other legs. This could be an empty corbicula (something that only bumble bees and honey bees have). On other female bees, we would expect this area to have long hairs and/or be similar in shape to the other legs.


3 responses to “Answer to Last Week’s Quiz

  1. so it is also a “she”?

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